{New} Easy to Understand Children’s Bible (Resource Review)

{New} Easy to Understand Children’s Bible (Resource Review)

I’m always on the lookout for a good kids Bible so I was delighted to see if the International Children’s Bible in a recent Dispatch box.


This Bible is unique in that it was the first translation of the Scriptures prepared specifically for children. Translated from the original languages this Bible seeks to be simple enough for children to read and understand it for themselves. Senses are short and uncomplicated, and difficult words are turned into simpler synonyms. Unfamiliar words are written in bold, and are found in the dictionary in the back of the Bible.  Check it out:

I spent a little time reading through the Bible and the stories seem to stick close to the original meaning (from what I can tell). I like that favorite verses are highlighted in gray for kids to notice and memorize.
Great new Bible for kids

Illustrations in this Bible are full color, full page and they are beautiful. My only complaint would be that they are totally out of context. For example, pictures of Creation, Adam, and Noah are found in the middle of Leviticus. Pictures of Joseph, baby Moses, and the Red Sea are found in Judges.

International Children's Bible (Review)

Pictures of Jesus’s baptism, feeding the 5000, and walking on water are found in the midst of Daniel while the actual picture of Daniel is found in the middle of Psalms! This might be a little confusing for kids.

International Children's bible

Other than that looks like a great resource for kids who are anxious to read their own Bible translation easily understand.

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