New Year, New Resolutions!

New Year, New Resolutions!

This Year, I Will…

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Have you made your New Year Resolutions yet?

I’ve got a few I’m kicking around, but I’d love to hear yours as well!  Here’s what I’ve got:

Be More Available At Church

Inspired by the book The 360 Degree Leader, I have resolved to  “walk slowly through the halls” and be more available to both my volunteers and people at church.  Too often, I’m rushing to gather up one more prop or review my lesson one more time and I view people as an interruption rather than an opportunity to do ministry.  I would love to be able to great people at the door, especially new guests and be able to walk them to classrooms instead of blowing by them.

Read Every Book I Own

I don’t know about you, but I have a compulsion when it comes to books.  My Amazon wishlist has over 400 books in it and we visit the library at least twice a month to stock up on more books.  The used book sale is one of my favorite events in Erie and often I buy a book “I just have to have” and then never actually get around to reading it.  These books line my shelves waiting for “someday” to come.  Well, this year — it’s use it or lose it!  I will either read the book or give it away.  So far, I’ve counted 32 unread books, so I’ve got some work to do!

Create Quality Sibling Time for my Kids

My kids are ages 3 and 1 and they sometimes play together well and sometimes… they don’t.   I’ve used a few strategies from Amanda over at, but my kids are pretty young and not very good at reasoning through things yet!  Often, I intervene when they are fighting over a toy, but then they find something new to fight over!  I’ve discovered that they get along better when they’ve had some quality time together — that I have to facilitate and referee of course.   Once we’ve all played together {nicely!} for a a few minutes, it is much easier for them to get along while playing by themselves.  We’ll see what happens!

Exercise for 10 Minutes a Day

Just trying to keep this resolution within reach!

Measure Ministry Better

I work hard in my Children’s Ministry position, but I often wonder — is this working?  Am I TRULY making a difference?  I’ve been reading through the book, Deep & Wide: Creating Churches Unchurched People Love to Attend by Andy Stanley (Excellent Book!!) and thinking about what our “wins” are in Children’s Ministry?  Is it kids coming to Christ?  Kids taking a greater ownership of their faith? Inviting a friend?  Is it parents becoming more involved? We’re having a planning meeting this month to come up with some tangible measurements for our ministry and to decide how we can better align with our church’s vision.

Can You Help Me?

Do you have some suggestions or advice on how to make these resolutions a reality?  Leave me a comment and fill me in!

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  1. Hey Lindsey!
    Your resolutions are motivating! I blogged about New Year’s resolutions, too, here:
    So far, mine are a bit more mundane: revisit my priorities (I’m a bit too stretched right now, and I don’t know where to cut things out :-/), exercise 3Xs/week (which I’m on track with so far!), lose 15 lbs and have a date once a week with the hubby and kids.
    Good luck with yours, too – hoping 2013 is a great year for us all!
    Pat Fenner recently posted..The New Year’s (anti)Resolution


  1. […] back to the area, and inviting new members to the Children’s Ministry team.   I took a look at the goals I set last year, I can definitely see some progress.  I have learned to be more available at church, we’re […]

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