Now Released: Tiny Pirate (Fantastic World Series)

The makers of Molly Pickens have recently released a brand new series featuring all the Fantastic World friends.  The Fantastic World website describes it this way:

All your favorite Fantastic World friends are back in four brand new adventures. First, Bill has trouble accepting Charles’ new friend, Tiny Pirate. Next, Charles learns what it means to be responsible when he forgets to do his chores. Finally, everyone has to band together and help Tiny Pirate save his ship from the mischievous Heeby Jeeby. Plus, see Bill do martial arts in his dojo and watch Charles build crazy things in his Tree-Top Toy Shop.

This series provides your church with an easy and effective way to teach the value of Acceptance, Responsibility, Friendship and Respect from a biblical perspective.  Your students should come away with a better understanding of what it means to accept others; what is means to be responsible; what it means to be a good friend; and what it means to be respectful.

In talking with Matthew Young, he gave a few more details about this hot new series.   Tiny Pirate has many of the same characters as Molly Pickens, but there are new characters as well.  This series is a bit more episodic, whereas Molly built upon each week to form one large story.   As such, Tiny Pirate would be a great “fill-in” curriculum if you need something to cover a teacher who bailed or if you’re waiting for other materials to come in.  Each episode of Tiny Pirate can stand alone.   Of course, once the kids see one episode, they will likely be begging you to watch the whole series.  The kids at our church are already asking if there is a sequel to Molly Pickens.

Pick up a copy and check it out for yourself! Currently it’s on sale for $75.00.

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