Nursery Labels: A Security Measure

Nursery Labels: A Security Measure

Recently we’ve had a number of new families attending our church and bringing their kids to nursery. One more than one occasion, the nursery  team member serving during Sunday School has forgotten a kid’s name and can’t tell the next nursery team member anything about the child. Not a good scenario. So, we decided to go with Nursery labels.

We used and have been completely impressed with the service. We explained our main goal for the labels, and were given suggestions for what has worked best for other churches. We weren’t pressured into anything and felt like the company was genuinely trying to give us what we needed/wanted. I don’t think they could have been any nicer. They even changed my order mid-stream because I thought we should get a few more bag tags.

Nursery Tags

How the Labels Work

The labels have a spot for the kid’s name, parent’s names, allergies, snacks, etc. One label gets stuck on the kid’s back and the corresponding “tag” goes with the parent. The numbers have to match in order to pick up the child from the nursery. We also picked up a few bag tags which label the diaper bag with the child’s name and then have the church logo on the back (these actually come blank but are easy enough to create on the computer).

Great Company to Use

Our shipment arrived quickly, great price, and we hope to start using them soon. Just another meausure of security we’re trying to implement to keep our kids safe. If you’re considering nursery labels, go through You’ll be glad you did!

UPDATE: As of 2014, we have gone with KidCheck and couldn’t be more thrilled.  Read all about my review in this post: KidCheck: Taking Security to a Whole New Level!

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