Object Lesson for Free Gift of Salvation (Day #9 of Bible Lesson Extras)

Object Lesson for Free Gift of Salvation (Day #9 of Bible Lesson Extras)

Welcome to my Day #9 of my 31 Days of Bible Lesson Extras.  I’m hoping this series serves as a resource to those of you who are looking for “one more thing” to round out your lesson. You can find the full Table of Contents here.

This activity was taken from a curriculum we were using in Children’s Church (I think it was D6), but it really hit home with the kids, so I thought I’d share it here.

Free Gift of Salvation: Children's Church lesson

What You Need:

  • Small box (I used a cereal box)
  • Wrapping paper (or construction paper like me)
  • Marker
  • Post-it notes (optional)
  • Trash can

What You Do:

Begin by wrapping the box with one layer of paper.  Place a post it note (or write directly on the paper) this note:

Free Gift of Salvation: Object Lesson for Kids

Then, wrap the box in another layer of paper and place this note on it:

Free Gift of Salvation: Is this really free?

Wrap the box one more time and put this note on the back:

Free Gift of Salvation: Children's Ministry Activity

Then, write the word: GIFT in big letters on the front of the box and have it sitting in the class waiting for the kids when they arrive.

Free Gift of Salvation: Children's Church lesson

Teaching the Lesson:

As the kids come in, have the “gift” off to the side.  If a child notices it, act surprised and bring it to the front of the class.  If no one notices, “discover” the gift yourself and show it to the kids.

Say: Wow!  This looks really cool.  I wonder what’s inside of it. (Allow guesses if you’d like).   I think it’s for me… it was here in the room.  Wait, there’s a note!

Read Note #1 to the kids.

Say: What?  What kind of gift is this?  I have to PAY for it??   That doesn’t seem right… well, maybe it’s really good.  Maybe it’s worth the $10.  Okay, I guess I’ll pay… if I can figure out who to pay. Now, let’s see what’s in it!

Rip off the top layer of wrapping and then read Note #2 to the kids.

Say: What? Clean a house?  For 10 years?  That’s just ridiculous.  I’m not doing that.  I have to pay for a gift and then work for it too?  That just doesn’t seem right.  I’m not going to take this gift… but I wonder what’s under this layer of wrapping paper.  I’m just going to take a peek.

Take off the last layer to reveal Note #3

Say: Follow 20 Rules?!  I’ve got enough to do without all this mess. No gift is worth this!

Throw gift in trash.

Say: What do you guys think of that gift?  (Allow responses)

Say: You know, it certainly wasn’t much of a gift if I had to do all that stuff (pay for it, work for it, follow rules) to get it.  Sometimes people feel like God’s gift of Salvation is like that. Now,  THAT’S a really good gift!  God said he would take care of all our sins and be our best friend forever and we don’t have to do ANYTHING in return.  That’s a great gift!

Say: But some people don’t believe it.  They think they have to pay for it… maybe through giving money to the church or something like that.  Or they think they have to earn it by being really good and working for it.. or following a bunch of rules.  But God tells us in Ephesians that it’s truly free.  It’s a real gift from God!  And that sounds way better than whatever is in that box!

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