Olympic VBS Decorations

If you’re planning an Olympian-themed VBS this summer, you might want to pick up a copy of Family Fun magazine.  In the June/July issues, they feature Olympic style crafts and activities.  Here’s a few ideas from the pages:

Make a Ring Garland

paper plate olympic rings

Photo From Activity Village

Trim and paint the rims of paper plates.  Cut open every other loop to make a chain, taping the cuts closed with tape. Add string for hanging.   Check out Activity Village for full instructions.

Precious Metals

As long as you’ve got a stack of plates laying around, you might as well make some medalswith them.  Paint the underside a dessert plate with metallic pain and then add glitter around the rim.

Craft  ideas from around the web

Olympic rings paper chain

Picture from Activity Village

Picture from Silly Eagle Books


Olympic crafts

Picture from Activity Village

  • If your church is into missions like my church is, chances are you’ve got a bunch of country flags stashed in the back somewhere.  Haul those suckers out and place them all over the church!
  • Hulu Hoops: Mimi over at Ministry to Children suggests spray painting hula hoops gold and using them against a white sheet for your main backdrop.  Fun!
  • Check out this Pinterest board from Clever classroom — it’s got a ton of Olymic themed decoration ideas as well as worksheets and coloring pages.

What About You?

What kind of decoration or craft ideas have you used?

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  1. Vanessa says:

    Thank you! We are planning an Olympic event at our church in August. Great collection of ideas.

  2. Awesome ideas!….But I still need some help:

    Our team color is purple…outside of balloons and streamers how can I decorate a classrom for 4 year olds?

    And we need a team name that starts with Purple ___________?

    It’s my first year teaching and I want the kids to have FUN!

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