On the Go Family Devotional: At the Zoo

On the Go Family Devotional: At the Zoo

Looking for a way to teach your kids about God during the busy summer?  Here’s an idea for the Zoo.  A showcase for God’s creativity.  Hunt for five of the most bizarre animal facts.  Discuss God’s purpose in His specific design of each animal.  Try to find an animal for each letter of the alphabet.  Make an A to Z book.  Talk about Adam’s job to name the animals.  What names would you have chosen?

Discuss Noah’s faith in building the ark.  Sing the “Rise and Shine” song.  Eat animal crackers.

Upon your return, make monkey bread or decorate cupcakes to look like animals.  Play a game of animal charades or animal races (hop like a kangaroo, slither like a snake, or walk like an elephant.)

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