One Year Ago…. {Cancer Update}

One Year Ago…. {Cancer Update}

This picture popped up on my facebook timeline a few days ago.  Taken “one year ago” it said.   I remember the picture… the moment… I remember it very well.

This picture was taken outside my doctors office one year ago today. Before we went inside, I said to Mike, “Let’s take a picture.. one where we are still happy” because I was afraid of what the doctor would say. It was a second opinion — a surgeon recommended by a friend — so I wasn’t completely shocked when he confirmed it was cancer. But I was stunned at the severity of it. “It’s fast growing”, he said, “very aggressive. I’m going to try everything I can — but I don’t know if we can fix this.”

It was a devastating appointment. We cried for many days afterwards. Then, I began to ask myself — do I really believe what I say I believe about my God? Do I truly believe that God is all powerful? That he made every cell in my body? That He can stop the sun, make bread fall from the sky, and heal the sick?

I stopped praying sad prayers and I started asking God to heal me. So did the people around me. I realized that I had access to the power of a healing God the whole time, but I was too scared, too shocked, too desperate to tap into that power.

I’m grateful for the people who held me up during that time… my husband, my parents, my pastor and wife, my dear friends — for all those people in my life who faithfully prayed. And I’m grateful for a God who continues to heal to this day.

My cancer is gone. Nothing is showing up on the scans. Of course, we are all cautious, but I’m not afraid anymore. When I take pictures, I don’t think “This might be the last happy picture”. I know my God is able. I’m so thankful for my life — for the fact that I get to keep on living. And I’m thankful that I get to be friends with a God who has the power to heal.


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