Opening Session: The Gathering

Opening Session: The Gathering

Are you ready to get started?  For this first general session, we’ll hear from Mike Erre, author of Astonished: Recapturing the Wonder, Awe, and Mystery of Life with God.

The theme for The Gathering this year is: Connecting to The Source.

So often, those in ministry go and go and go until there is simply no energy left… no power for anything.  We’re so busy scheduling reminders and running to fix potential problems that we forget to recharge.  We forget to plug in The Source.   We forget to recharge in the presence of the only one who can really fill us with the inspiring energy we need.  That’s what this Gathering is all about.  Reconnecting to the Source.

Is there anything more important than in our ministries than connecting to Him?  (–Michelle Anthony)

Do you need a rest?

Are you feeling disconnected to The Source?

The Source (The Gathering 2015)

Do you feel tired?  And maybe a bit burned out?   Have you been trying to do ministry in your own power for so long that you’ve perhaps forgotten how to really rest in the presence of God?

Stay tuned.  Get connected to the Source with us.

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