Orange Mania!

The annual Orange Conference just ended and though I couldn’t make it this year, I tried my best to keep up with everything through Twitter, blog posts, interviews, and even watching some live evening sessions.  Of course, it’s all a huge whirlwind, so I was super excited when I saw that Jared Massey has compiled all the Orange notes he found in one place (YES!).  Check out Jared’s website, Small Town Kidmin, and get caught up.  There’s some great material.

As for me, here’s some of my favorite tweets:

  • @jrmcsoley said Be one person. Don’t have an online AND an offline personality.”#oc12
  • Austin Walker said “It doesn’t take a leader to kill something dead, it takes a leader to sacrifice something that’s living for something better.” #oc12
  • @Youth_min said The ultimate report card of your ministry will be sent out two years after you leave
  • @gina_mcclain says, One thing to remember is to not sacrifice your relationship with Christ for your ministry.
  • Ryan Frank said: It’s time for the church to raise the standard of what we believe the next generation can do.
  • @cnieuwhof said “Back when I was a kid you actually had to win something to win a trophy.” @craiggroeschel
What was your favorite part of Orange?


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