Our Volunteer Wishlist

Our Volunteer Wishlist

In his book, Stretch, Jim Wideman recommends making a volunteer wish list.  That way, when someone expresses an interest in getting involved, you can clearly let them know what positions are available and what the positions entail. Christmas seemed like a good time to make a wishlist, and I thought I’d share our wishlist with you.  Hope it helps!

Volunteer Wish List

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Download the PDF Version here.

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Thinking of Helping with Children’s Ministry?

You’ve Got Options.  Here’s our Volunteer Wishlist.

Children’s Church Teacher: Lead the lesson for ages 4-10 on Sunday mornings either for the 8:30 or 11:00 service.  Curriculum provided.  Usually 1 hour prep time needed during the week.  Often a teen assistant is available to help.    Teachers teach for an entire month, usually twice a year. Training provided.

Children’s Church Assistant: Assist Children’s Church teacher by gathering supplies, walking kids to bathroom, sitting near active kids, and helping with craft or activity during small group time.  Occasionally prep time is need during the week.  Assistants work with a teacher for an entire month, usually 2 times a year.

Adventure Group Leader: Teach preteen class based on the previous week’s sermon (Sunday).  You will need to listen to the sermon and prepare your own lesson.  A list of helpful websites and resources (commentaries, lesson books, etc) are available. 

Small Group Leader (Wednesday night, Kids For Christ): Lead discussion with a small group of kids (usually 5-10 kids) for 10 minutes at the beginning of the night, attend large group lesson with the kids and then lead life application activities for 15 minutes at the end of the night (following the large group lesson).  Usually 30 minutes prep time needed during the week.  Curriculum provided.  Leaders are asked to commit to 13 weeks.

Small Group Leader Assistant (Wednesday night): Not ready to take the big plunge yet?  No worries.  You can serve alongside a current small group leader and learn the ropes before taking your own group.

Safety Patrol: Strolling around the gym on Wednesday night to make sure kids stay in the gym, and out of the kitchen.  Making sure no “unauthorized” persons are in the gym during Kids for Christ.  Also, making sure kids treat the restrooms with respect.

Snack Shopper: Shop for snacks for the Kids for Christ (Wednesday night) group (30 kids).

Snack Maker: Make snacks for Kids for Christ (Wednesday night) group (30 kids).

Kids for Christ Set-up: Make sure Registration Table is set up, balls are out, and chairs are clear.  Requires 10-30 minute time commitment on Wednesday afternoon or night.

Kids for Christ Clean up: Make sure Registration Table is put away, balls are put away, restrooms are clean, lights are off, and gym is in good shape for Sunday (30 minutes).

Family Celebration Crew:  We have a Family Celebration night once a quarter with these jobs:

  • Invites: Mail invites to all parents (invites, envelopes, and postage provided)
  • Greeters: Stand at front door and at gym doors and welcome new families
  • Follow Up: Mail follow up letters to attendees.

New Family Greeters:  Help families locate the appropriate classrooms for their children and help them to feel welcome at ELRAC.  No prep work needed, but punctuality and dependability very important.  Position available both Sundays and Wednesdays.

Newsletter: Take content from our curriculum website and format it into a weekly newsletter. Content will also be provided from Lindsey about upcoming events, etc.  Print newsletter is done with Microsoft word and online newsletter is done with Mailchimp.  You can choose to do one or both.

Website Master: Update the Children’s Ministry portion of the ELRAC website on a monthly basis.  Post schedules, pictures, links to resources , and details about upcoming events.  Content and training provided

Photo Taker: Attend Kids for Christ or Children’s Church once a month to take pictures.  Camera provided. 

Tiny Tots Leader: Teach a simplified lesson to the 2-3 year old children (nursery) on Wednesday nights.  Sing simple songs and help introduce kids to the structure of Kids for Christ.  Prep time: 30 minutes a week.  Teachers lead the class for an entire month 2-3 times a year. 

Attendance: Stand at registration table and take weekly attendance (Wednesdays).  Remind parents to sign in and out each week. 

Check-in Assistants: Make sure parents sign their child in and out of Wednesday night Kids for Christ using either the paper and pen system or a computer check in system (coming soon).  The same person will serve for 12 weeks at a time.

Substitute Teachers: Not sure you want to sign on for a big commitment?  Join the substitute teacher team and fill in as needed.  You will need to shadow a current leader before serving as a substitute in order to get the structure and flow of the night.

Coloring Packets: Assemble coloring packets for Sunday morning (Time: 2 hours a month)

Special Event Team: Do you like the excitement of planning for an executing a special event such as Vacation Bible School, Story Time, or a Fall Outreach Block Party?  Join this team to be on the front line of the fun! 

What About You?

What positions are on your volunteer wishlist?

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