Painting the Hallway

Painting the Hallway

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I’m not sure why I think these “little projects” are a good idea.   Somehow I imagine myself whipping out the rollers and tarps, finishing a paint job in under an hour and drastically improving the appearance of my home.  Oh well.  The project took a little longer than expected (hence the sudden dearth of posts here!), but I did learn a few things about Children’s Ministry while applying the blue painters tape.

Five Things I Learned…

1. Customer Service makes a difference

I picked up the paint chips at Wal-mart, but there was no way I was going to actually buy the paint there.  Whenever possible, I head to Value Home Centers for my home-improvement needs.  Their prices are not always rock-bottom, but their customer service is out of this world.   I feel like their most important customer whenever I walk in the joint.

I got to thinking…am I treating our church guests and the kids in my ministry in a similar way?  Do the kids feel important when they walk through the doors?  Do I provide excellent “customer service” — motivating families to return again and again?   Do we have any kind of wow factor for 1st timers and regular attenders?

2. You have to prime the walls for the job

Of course, the guy at the hardware store advised me to get some primer for coat #1, but seriously — I could not be wasting my time on PRIMER!  I need results!  I want to see the transformation beginning as soon as I slab the roller on the wall for the first time.

Likewise, sometimes we skip the prep work in the ministry in favor of “the big results”.  Sometimes we don’t adequately prepare our lessons because “there’s only going to be 1-2 kids there anyway”  Or we neglect crucial relationship building time because our to-do list of “important tasks” is too long. Or we don’t stop to appreciate our volunteers, but  instead, keep piling more tasks on their plate.

It’s called primer for a reason.  It’s not elegant, but it primes the walls for a great job.  You don’t see it when the job is complete, but having it there to begin with helps the job go more smoothly.   So goes many of the “behind the scenes” things we do as Children’s Ministry workers and volunteers.  It may not seem elegant or impressive, but believe me, it IS making a difference.  Don’t underestimate the power of primer.

To be continued in tomorrow’s post!
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  1. It really makes sense, hope that you will add some more soon!

  2. nice….. those projects are always going on at our house. I only wish that I was independently wealthy and could really work on the house how I want to!!!!

    But the principle of the story is true. it’s important to take small steps up to the pinnacle event, because in the end, it’s all the small steps that the make the pinnacle.

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  4. this was a very entertaining read. i enjoyed it very much!