Parallels between Joseph and Jesus

Parallels between Joseph and Jesus

Rejected by fellow man, exalted in front of their tormentors, Jesus and Joseph have a number of similarities in their stories.  The following came from a sermon preached by our pastor, Rick Rubies.

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From Favor to Humiliation

  • Joseph was the favored son, his coat represented his place in the family and his glory.  However, he was stripped of his glory and humiliated by being sold as slave (Genesis 37)
  • Jesus was God’s one and only son, his prized heir.  He was exalted during the baptism, but was then rejected and humiliated by his chosen people.


  • Potiphar’s wife gave Joseph an opportunity for sin, but he fled from the situation
  • Satan gave Jesus an opportunity to obtain wealth, power, and prestige — but he rebuked Satan and Satan fled.
  • Both Jesus and Joseph were wrongly accused
  • Jesus didn’t defend himself Himself because his life was a testimony to the truth (Isaiah 53:7)
  • The Bible doesn’t tell us if Joseph defended himself, but it is likely that he didn’t.


  • Joseph was Pharoah’s right hand man, and Jesus is seated on the right hand of God (Revelation 1:18, Phil 2:9)
  • People bowed down to Joseph in Egypt, and one day, all will bow down to Jesus
  • When Joseph was given his new position, he received choice garments.  When Jesus was raised from the dead, he received his glorified body.
  • Joseph was given authority to rule in Egypt, and Jesus has the authority to rule on earth.

The Bride

  • Joseph was given a gentile bride
  • Jesus marries the church, his gentile bride


  • Joseph kept the people in Egypt and throughout the led fed.  Jesus gives us spiritual food; He is the bread of life.
  • Joseph ALONE controlled the distribution of the food.  Jesus is the only source of life.
  • Joseph had enough for all who came for food, and Jesus has salvation available to all who want it.

Some great points to ponder!

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