Parenting Preschoolers: Book Review

Parenting Preschoolers: Book Review

Parenting… what a daunting task!  You think you have an inkling of what you’re getting yourself into, but nothing can really prepare you for those completely frustrating moments, those bedtime battles, and the amazing joy that a child can bring into your life.  Sometimes my husband just sit and stare at our little one, amazed at her quickly developing personality and all her little quirks.

There are many great parenting resources out there, but so many of the books skip right over the preschooler stage.  Books on infancy abound, along with stacks of elementary and teen books, but I have noticed a bit of a gap for that “thinking but not quite speaking” age.  That’s why I was so excited to find The Tender Years on the DPI Books website.

Written in thirty bite-size chapters, this book can easily be used as a daily devotional for moms. Personally, I like reading a chapter or two while waiting for my 14 month old to fall asleep at nap time. Gives me something to ponder as I gaze at her angelic little sleeping face.  🙂

The Tender Years is written by a mother-daughter team, so the reader gets both wisdom from someone who has passed through the parenthood perils (and survived!) and from someone who is currently in the trenches.  Topics include:

  • The Bible as an Instruction Manual
  • Squeezing in Quiet Time
  • Sisterhood and Support
  • Marriage and Romance
  • Superwoman Syndrome
  • Playtime
  • Discipline

I especially like the “Building Blocks” section at the end of each chapter that gives practical, hands-on projects to either complete yourself or with your child to put the principles of the book into practice.   The authors are encouraging, inspiring, challenging and “speak” to their readers as true friends.  I would recommend this book to any new mother!

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