Photo Booth Fun!

Photo Booth Fun!

This month, our 252Basics Theme is “God Made Me”!  We’ll be talking about how God wants to use our story, our gifts, and our relationships to make a difference.  We set up a very simple photo booth in order to show case the kids and their individuality.  Check it out!

This is one of those cubical type dividers.  We used it as a Sunday School room wall for many a year before the gym was built and now it sits in the storage room collecting dust.  It served as a perfect “booth” for our photo sessions!  Providing just enough privacy for the kids to get goofy and just enough open-ness for other kids to see the fun and want to get in on the action!

Here’s a close-up of the sign.  Remember, glitter makes everything better.

I hung the sign with thumb-tacks and placed the booth right where you can see it as you walk through the gym doors.  On the flip side, I hung a sheet with thumb tacks (at first I tried staples…bad idea) to give a plain background.

I set out a box of props for the kids — wigs, glasses, headbands, scarfs, eye patches, etc.

Next week, I’m going to try to make some of these funny mustache props.

You can find these at Etsy!

We used a regular point and shoot camera and then I just cropped the images and plugged them into Animoto!

Check out the results!

(Have I ever mentioned I love Animoto? Check out my review here)

Here’s a few more great shots:

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UPDATE: Here are a few more pictures to give you a broader view of the “booth”.

This is what the kids saw as they walked into the gym.

Here’s where the pictures happened!

Prop Box!

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