Picking Berries {Scripture in the Summer Sneak Peek}

Picking Berries {Scripture in the Summer Sneak Peek}

Hey Friends!  Have you heard?

I am super excited to share a sneak peek of something that has been brewing in my mind for a few months.  Every year, summer seems to fly by and even though we have a lot of fun — I was looking for a way to use these seasonal activities in a way that drew us all as a family closer to Christ.  As I reflected on our usual schedule, I realized many of the daily activities we were already doing could easily tie into lessons found in Scripture (the Bible).  I started sketching out a few ideas and before I knew it, Scripture in the Summer was born!  

What the Book is All About:

Scripture in the Summer contains 20 family friendly activities for you to browse through. Do not feel like you have to do them all! Different activities will resonate with different types of family and that is completely okay. Here are some options you might want to try:

  • Choose one activity to do each week. Designate a Family Fun night (every Monday for example) and put some ideas on the calendar. Most of the activities take less than an hour, so you can even squeeze them in after work if you need to.
  • Choose your favorite summer activities (things you’re planning on doing anyway) and read through the coordinating plan for each before you head out the door. This is a great way to naturally infuse more faith-filled moments into your family’s rhythm.

Each activity has a coordinating Scripture (Bible verse) and discussion questions to help guide your conversations in a natural and authentic way. Don’t let another summer drift by without creating memories that are both meaningful and exciting. Start reading through Scripture in the Summer and start having fun as a family today!

I thought I’d share a little sneak peek with you in case you want a few more details.  Check out one of the activities below.

Activity: Picking Berries

Verse to Learn: Galatians 6:7

Simple Version: A man reaps what he sows.

Challenge Version: Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.

What to Do:

Find a local farm where you can pick your own berries. You can ask local friends or families or start your search at www.pickyourown.com. Be sure to wear sun hats and take along some water. As you are driving to the farm, talk to the kids about how berries begin to grow. A farmer must plant the seeds and then wait several weeks (or months) for his harvest to grow. Whatever type of seed he puts in the ground is exactly what will grow later. Read Galatians 6:7 to the kids. Just as the farmer gets exactly what he planted, we will experience in our life what we “plant”. If we strive to follow God’s commands found in the Bible, we will reap a life of righteousness. If we show kindness to others, we will reap the benefits of good relationships. We cannot fool God by pretending to do the right thing. God knows what is in our hearts and sees all our actions. When we choose to chase after sin or do the wrong thing, we will reap the consequences of our actions.

Questions to Ask:

  • What does it mean to sow seeds? (Planting seeds in the garden)
  • What kinds of things can we “sow” in our lives? (Kindness, Integrity, Laziness, Lying, etc)
  • Have you ever experienced a time when you reaped what you sowed? Tell us about it.
  • Have you ever seen this verse in action with those around you?

Practice the Verse Together:

Say the verse several times together as a family. As you are working in the fields, take along the verse card (found at the back of the book) and practice a few times as you are picking berries. When you arrive home, place the verse where everyone will see it. This will help family members learn the verse and remind everyone of your delicious adventure!

Picture Moment:

Before you leave the fields, try to take a picture of the family in front of the bushes or vines with buckets full of berries.  Share it on social media with the hashtag #ScriptureInSummer to inspire other families!

Bonus Idea:

Put those berries to good use! Look up some recipes for jam or jelly so you can enjoy the berries all year round. You can also freeze berries or make them into pie.

As you can see — the activities are low-prep, fun for the whole family, and super simple.  The perfect recipe for actually getting it done.  Ready to grab your own copy of Scripture in the Summer?  Head on over here to grab your copy — and be sure to do it before June 6th in order to get some amazing bonus materials including:

  • Five bonus activities
  • Five beautifully hand-lettered Scripture posteres
  • Handwriting practice sheets for all the verses (simple version)

Hope your summer is amazing!

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