Practicing Prayer with Children: Prayer Cards

Practicing Prayer with Children: Prayer Cards

 I saw a clever idea about prayer cards a few weeks back and have been looking for an opportunity to try it out in our own Children’s Ministry. I made up some cards with pictures of things to pray for. Some had words and some didn’t, so even non-readers could participate. Get your prayer cards here.  I just printed them out, taped them to index cards, and then laminated with those self-adhesvie laminating sheets. We were learning about prayer during mid-week group, so it was the perfect time to introduce the cards.

We all sat in a circle and everyone got a card. Normally, in prayer circle, if you don’t want to pray, you tap the person next to you and the prayer moves on, but this night, I said everyone needs to try since you have something in your hand to pray about. There is one little boy (age 4) who never prays (he’s a serial tapper), but this night, he did! Out of 25 kids, we only had one that insisted on tapping their turn away. I was excited that kids were beginning to pray outloud and pretty easily too. I think having something to pray about took the pressure off a bit.

It’s important that we get our kids praying outloud at a young age, so it becomes a normal part of worship for them. Of course, all the leaders pray outloud in order to model for them, but I’m finding the more we practice public prayer in our prayer circle (especially now with the cards), the more kids are feeling comfortable in their conversation with God.

Speaking of which, check out the post about kid’s prayer. I wonder if the kids in your ministry are the same!

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  1. I love this idea of having prayer cards! Now my brain is spinning with ways to make it culturally relevant in Burkina!