Prayer Experience: Instructions & Pictures {The Gathering 2013}

Prayer Experience: Instructions & Pictures {The Gathering 2013}

Though I was not able to attend the Prayer Experience this year at the Gathering, I heard countless stories from others who did and really enjoyed it.  Being guided through prayer is often a great way to break out of “going through the motions” and experience God in a fresh way.  Here are the pictures and instructions from each of the stations in case you are thinking about recreated something like this in your own home or church.

Thanksgiving and Praise

Magnet Tags Prayer Experience

Thanksgiving and Praise Station


Leaf Tree Prayer Experience

Prayer of Restoration Station

Prayer Experience: Confession

Prayer of Confession: Prayer Experience

Prayer of Confession Station


Chicken Wire Prayer Experience

Prayer of Lament Station


String People Prayer Experience

Prayer of Petition Station


Scripture Prayer

Prayer of Scripture

These stations aren’t in any particular order.  The idea is for participants to wander and dwell at their own pace, so there isn’t a set order for the stations.  Hope you can use these ideas to enhance your own prayer life!

Michelle Anthony put some pictures up on Flickr — check them out!

You can also find the official instructions on the Tru Ministry blog! 

Also, if you were at the Gathering and have better pictures (or different ones), I’d love to use them!  Apparently, but camera didn’t take the best pictures.  Leave me a comment so I can get in touch with you!

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