Prayer Experience {The Gathering 2013}

Prayer Experience {The Gathering 2013}

I finally got a chance to catch up with Amy Naluai here at the Gathering to talk about her prayer experience from Wednesday (find her on twitter here).  Amy lives in California and has been using Tru for about a year now.  She was able to drive in to The Gathering with a few members of her team.   However, on the night of the prayer experience, Amy ended up going through the stations alone without her team.  At first, she was concerned because she was hoping to have someone to talk with and process things with, but it ended up being a blessing because she was really about to focus and enter into the experience without distraction.  In addition, Amy was so grateful to be able to simply experience prayer without having to prep for anything.

She explains, “So often, I running here and there and trying to make things happen.  I have to facilitate things and gather props, and it was so nice to be to just experience something that really fed my soul.  I just loved it and a few times I really felt like this was the moment I came to the Gathering.”

Prayer Experience

Amy especially liked the Prayer of Perspective station which highlights the Lower Story and the Upper Story  (or as I like to say, the moment in time and the Big Picture) as well as the Confession station.   She shares, “There was just something about writing out my sins with a red sharpie on white wood… the physical nature of writing it out and seeing it… it was just so freeing.”

If you’d like to experience something like the prayer stations as well, stay tuned for a post detailing instructions and pictures.

Thanks for sharing, Amy!



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