Preparing Your Lesson {A Ministry Checklist}

Sometimes it’s tough to know where to begin when preparing a lesson for Children’s Church or Sunday School, especially if you’re new to the Children’s Ministry game.  Here’s a checklist we prepared for our volunteers to use and perhaps you’ll find it helpful as well!  Grab the PDF Printer-Friendly version here.

Preparing Your Lesson

This format is the “ideal” situation – when you are able to prepare the lesson a little bit each day.  Of course, sometimes life happens and you have to cram it all into one day.  In that case, just ignore the day at the beginning of each task.  I would encourage you to try your best to begin preparing as early as possible in order to really allow the Holy Spirit to work in your heart and in developing the lesson. Thanks!!

Monday:  10 minutes

  • Read through the Scripture passage for the lesson, slowly and carefully.
  • Pray that God will show you what it is that He wants the kids to learn from this passage and lesson.   It might be a particular word that sticks out or a key part of a verse.
  • Spend a few minutes listening to see if God might have some direction for you.

Tuesday: 20 minutes

  • Read through the Scripture passage again, taking time to place yourself inside the situation
  • Imagine the surroundings, the people, the way you might have been feeling if you were there
  • Check out a Bible commentary or dictionary in order to give you a little more insight into the passage (Bible dictionaries, Bible commentaries or are some great places to start)
  • Pray that God will give you wisdom as you prepare your lesson

Wednesday:  About 20 minutes

  • Read through the Scripture passage, looking for a sense that you can highlight with the kids
    • Is there a particular smell (like perfume) that is discussed in the passage?
    • Is there a food (like bread) you could feed to the kids?
    • Is there some kind of movements (like marching) you could do together?
  • Talk with your assistant or your team teacher* to brainstorm ideas or to share props
  • Make a list of the props you will need and begin gathering them

Thursday: About 45 minutes

  • Read through the curriculum, highlighting ideas you like and passing over ideas that you don’t think will work for your group.
  • Draft a schedule for your class, staying consistent with what other teachers are doing (if you rotate with other teachers).
    • We use the the 5-15-5 routine which included 5 minutes of sharing, then prayer, 15 minutes of lesson time, and then 5 minutes for fun, coloring, or a game at the end.
  • Begin practicing your lesson out loud

Friday: 20 minutes

  • Go over your schedule again, becoming familiar enough that you don’t need to look at it during class
  • Make sure you have all your props ready to go
  • Practice out loud and pray that the Holy Spirit will be in your class to help you and the kids

Saturday: 10 minutes

  • Work on any trouble areas you have
  • Read through the Scripture passage again and ask the Lord to help you teach effectively
  • Relax! You did a great job preparing
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