Preparing Your Lesson Checklist

Preparing Your Lesson Checklist

Welcome back to the Bringing the Bible to Life series here on Growing Kids Ministry.  I hope you have been able to use some of the tips and tricks in your ministry already.  If you’re just tuning in, you can find the previous posts in the series below:

As promised, today I will share with you a checklist that I often use for preparing my weekly lesson for the kids.  There’s even a handy printable version at the bottom of this post!

Preparing Your Lesson Checklist

Monday:  10 minutes

  • Read through the Scripture passage for the lesson, slowly and carefully.
  • Pray that God will show you what it is that He wants the kids to learn from this passage and lesson.   It might be a particular word that sticks out or a key part of a verse.
  • Spend a few minutes listening to see if God might have some direction for you.


Tuesday: 20 minutes

  • Read through the Scripture passage again, taking time to place yourself inside the situation
  • Imagine the surroundings, the people, the way you might have been feeling if you were there
  • Check out a Bible commentary or dictionary in order to give you a little more insight into the passage
  • Pray that God will give you wisdom as you prepare your lesson

Praying for the Community: A practical Resource


Wednesday:  About 20 minutes

  • Read through the Scripture passage, looking for one of the five senses that you can highlight with the kids
    • Is there a particular smell (like perfume) that is discussed in the passage?
    • Is there a food (like bread) you could feed to the kids?
    • Is there some kind of movements (like marching) you could do together?
  • Talk with your assistant or your team teacher* to brainstorm ideas or to share props
  • Make a list of the props you will need and begin gathering them

Engaging the Senses in a Lesson

Thursday: About 45 minutes

  • Read through the curriculum, highlighting ideas you like and passing over ideas that you don’t think will work for your group.
  • Draft a schedule for your class using the 5-15-5 routine.
    • 5 Minutes: Talk about the kids’ week, pray together
    • 15 Minutes: Main lesson time (may include games, activities, etc)
    • 5 Minute: Low prep closing activity as you wait for parents to arrive
  • Begin practicing your lesson out loud  (seriously, out loud)

Children and teacher playing with musical instruments in preschool

Friday: 20 minutes

  • Go over your lesson again, becoming familiar enough that you don’t need to look at it during class
  • Make sure you have all your props ready to go
  • Practice out loud and pray that the Holy Spirit will be in your class to help you and the kids

Gather up those supplies!

Saturday: 10 minutes

  • Work on any trouble areas you have
  • Read through the Scripture passage again and ask the Lord to help you teach effectively
  • Relax! You did a great job preparing

Rest and Relax!

In Summary:

The main things you’ll want to do to prepare yourself are:

  • Read through the lesson’s Scripture. I know, I know!  This sounds painfully obvious, but too often we read through our curriculum book during our prep time and forget to ever crack open God’s Word.  The power is in the Scripture.  So start with the Bible and then move onto the curriculum.
  • Pray for God’s guidance. You never know how the Holy Spirit is moving in the lives of your classroom kids.  God can direct your words to reach them in just the right way, so pray that God will give you wisdom in knowing what to focus on each week.
  • Practice out loud. You may feel ridiculous practicing to an empty room (you could also do the old “setting up the stuffed animal audience” trick!), but this is one of the best ways to grow really comfortable with your lesson.   Practice from the beginning to the end, timing yourself.  Especially practice the story portion of the lesson, using inflection in your voice and making the story really come to life.  If you want to level up your story telling skills, be sure to check out the list of resources at the end of this e-book (and let’s be honest – there’s always room for improvement!)

Printable Version

In case you’re looking for a fun printable version, grab one below!

Preparing Your Kidmin Lesson: A Checklist

Version #1preparing-your-lesson

Version #2

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