Preschool Fall Party!

Preschool Fall Party!

Let’s Get Ready To Party!

Even though I’m not big on the Halloween scene, I’m always up for a reason to throw a party!  So, when my friend Nicole suggested a little fall-themed shindig for the kids, I was all for it!  Maybe you’re still looking for some ideas for the Fall Festival at church?  Maybe you want to introduce a new family tradition? Either way, read on to find some fun (and easy!) ideas for games, snacks, and crafts!


Bean Bag Toss

This is pretty simple.  We just set up three bowls with differing points (10, 20 or 50 points) and put down a mini rug for the kids to stand on.  We kept score with on the front window with one of those Washable Window Markersso that upped the fun factor a bit!  Of course, with toddlers and preschoolers, the rules quickly gone thrown right out the window!  Of course, there are a thousand variations on this game.  It’s a classic for a reason!

Hanging Donuts

I cannot even begin to tell you how hysterical this game was (for the grown-ups!).  We played this at our church’s fall festival a few years back, and I was reminded of this fabulous game on Pinterest.  Again, the kids didn’t exactly play by the rules, but it was a blast nonetheless!  Basically, you string up donuts somehow (we used packing tape, yarn, and mini chocolate donuts; taping the hanging donut to the top of the doorway).  Then, the kids are supposed to keep their hands behind their back and eat the donut off the string.  They got the eating part covered anyway!

Mission Accomplished!


Apple Print Tree

For this game/craft, I painted a tree onto a large sheet of butcher paper.  (Well, it was large before it got ripped off the wall THREE TIMES! Ugh).  Then the kids lined up (sort of) and each kid got to put on one green apple and one red apple.  We did this apple print style — check this post for full directions.

A Little Red, A Little Green


Cinnamon Play Dough

We also made some cinnamon scented play dough.  I found it on Pinterest and it was described as the perfect fall smell, but Nicole and I agree it smells much more like Christmas than Fall. Oh well!  The kids loved it either way!   Get the recipe here from Not Just Cute.


We went the sweet route with a pumpkin cake mold and donuts, but there are lots of other fall type of snacks to try!

Trail Mix


Apples and Caramel (or Peanut Butter)

Pumpkin Seeds

Just to name a few!

What About You?

What kind of fall family fun do you have planned?  I’d love to hear about it!



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  1. Fun ideas for a fall party! I’ve got some apples that would be great for making stampings. Thanks for sharing and linking up.
    Leslie recently posted..Tuesday Tips and Link Up Party #15

  2. Yeah, the kids had a great time. Now we’re brainstorming ideas for the Thanksgiving party! Thanks for stopping by, Leslie!

  3. We did an educational carnival! I love the hanging donut! Thanks for sharing at Mom’s Library!
    Tulip recently posted..Melissa and Doug Terrific Twenty List and Giveaways

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