Preschool Homeschool: Owl Week

Preschool Homeschool: Owl Week

Our Weekly Planning Sheet

Monday: Feathers on Owl (Book & Craft)

 Full tutorial over at 3 Boys and a Dog.  Some great owl books include In My TreeLittle Owl and the Star: A Christmas Story, and Owl Babies

Tuesday: Counting

For this, I made a simple Word document with owl clipart.  I printed it off and then wrote numbers on their little bellies.  I was hoping to get them laminated.  Oh well.

Grab the Word Doc Here.

Wednesday: Counting and Matching

This one didn’t exactly pan out at our house, but the plan was to make a tree like this and then draw numbered circles on it.  I was going to glue magnets to the back of the owls (those little button magnets or even magnet tape) and then hang the tree on our fridge.  Obviously, the object of the activity is to match the numbers on the owl to the tree.

This tree is actually from our Fall Party, but you get the idea!

Thursday: Learning about Owl (Book & Craft)

Need more book suggestions?  Try these: The Busy Tree or Goodnight Owl

This was a total blast.  Grab the mask template over at Fantasy Jr and have some fun!

Friday: Sensory

I picked up some yummy cinnamon pine cones at Giant Eagle the other day.  Making owls with these helped engage almost all the senses for the kids!

I was inspired by this picture over at

Bringing it Home

The Bible doesn’t talk a whole lot about owls (besides the fact that God created them), but the Bible does talk a lot about wisdom, a characteristic frequently attributed to owls.  This week, we focused on “being wise like an owl” and making good choices.  About halfway through the week, I heard my two-year old say, “Now, let’s just stop and think.  Is that a great idea?”  That’s what I like to hear.  🙂 Meaningful Mama takes a great job talking about this on her blog, using the Character First curriculum.  Take a look!

Other Owl Activities:

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