Preschool Story Time: Caterpillars

Preschool Story Time: Caterpillars

It was our first story time of the year (2015) last week and what terrible weather we had! Everything was soaking wet from the non-stop rain on Sunday and the temperature hovered just above 50 degrees. Nevertheless, we still had a few new friends join us!

Here’s what we did for Preschool Story Time:

Welcome Songs

  • A,B,C
  • Hello Song
  • If you’re wearing red today… (Tune: Mary had a little lamb)

Introductions (everyone shares names)

Sign Language: HUNGRY  (flash card) or EAT

Butterfly or Caterpillar Finger Plays

Finger plays:

Caterpillar Preschool Story Time


Review Activity for Caterpillar Story Time

Review: Match fruits w/ days of week

Originally, the plan was to pass out the cards to all the kids present and then place them on the right days as we reviewed the book again.  However, since there were only about 4 kids at Story Time, it made it a little harder to get the cards organized and this activity fell a little flat.  I think with more kids it would have been better.

Craft: Butterfly on construction paper

  • Construction paper w/ outline drawn
  • Precut wings
  • Glue
  • Markers

Before Decorating:

Butterfly and Caterpillar Story Time

After Decorating:



Stay tuned next week for Seed themed fun!

More Hungry Caterpillar Fun:

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