Preschool Story Time: Cats

Preschool Story Time: Cats

Well, the weather finally turned nicer here in Pennsylvania and we’ve been enjoying our weekly story time in the park!  Last week, we learned all about cats and dogs. We didn’t get to all the activities I had planned, but here is what was on the schedule for the day!

Opening Activity:

Bring stuffed cats and dogs for kids to play with while we wait for everyone to arrive.  Talk about pets they have at home.

Welcome Songs

  • A,B,C
  • Hello Song
  • If you’re wearing red today… (Mary had a little lamb Tune)

Introductions and Names

Finger plays and Songs


Originally, we were going to go with the first two books (pictured below), but of course, I forgot to put them on hold at the library in time, so we ended up going with the last book, which was a big hit, but a little harder for the younger kids to follow.  It’s a lot of fun (check out the youtube video here), but not much of a story line, so keep that in mind!  My kids are still begging to read this book a week after story time, so it would be great for home use as well.

Cat Story Time

Have You Seen My Cat?

Story Time: Cats and Dogs

My Dog, My Cat

Cat Story Time

There Are Cats in This Book

Game: Where is the cat?

Using a tiny figure or littlest pet shop, one person closes eyes and counts to 10.  Someone in the group hides the cat in their hands (out in front) and then the closed eyes person tries to guess who has it.


Using the cat cut outs from this page, kids were encouraged to have their cats go on an adventure.  My example craft had the cats playing in the sprinkler.  My daughter’s cats went crazy with some glitter glue.  The sky is the limit!

Cat Story Time

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