Preschool Story Time: Seeds

Preschool Story Time: Seeds

For our second Story Time of the summer, it was again rainy, but not quite as cold and we ended up getting a big crowd out for “Seeds” day.    Here’s what we did:

Seeds Story Time


Welcome Songs

  • A,B,C
  • Hello Song  (found below in italics)
  • If you’re wearing red today… (Tune: Mary had a little lamb)

Welcome Song (Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb): We welcome you to story time, story time, story time/ We welcome you to story time, Please come in and play.


Finger plays

  • 5 Little Seeds (Pinned)
  • I’m a Little Flower Seed (at end of post in italics)

Read Book: Little Seeds (My Little Planet)

Little Seeds

I also really like Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! for in home use, but it’s a little long for our age-group story time.  

Review Activity: Sequence Cards (Planting a Seed)


Craft: Veggie/Flower Stickers to “plant a garden”

For our craft time, the kids all started with green construction paper and then we passed out stickers (I got flower stickers and Fruits and Vegetables stickers from Amazon).  The kids were encouraged to “plant a garden” with the stickers.  Some kids drew trees for the apple sticker or stems on the flowers.  It was a pretty open ended craft and they had a lot of fun with it.

That’s it for now!

Stay tune for more Story Time fun!


I’m a Little Flower Seed Finger Play 
I’m a little flower seed.
I’m planted in the earth.
I feel the sun come down on me to warm this big old earth. 
The rain begins to come and gets rid of my big thirst. 
I then became a big and pretty flower so you can pick me first. 

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