Preschooler Checklist for Spiritual Growth

Preschooler Checklist for Spiritual Growth

What Should I Be Teaching My Preschooler about God?

Are you a checklist oriented person?

Want to make sure your “on the right track” with teaching your preschooler about God?

The following guide (starts on page 55 of Raising a Modern Day Joseph) will help you to evaluate your child’s growth and perhaps choose an area to focus on.

KNOWLEDGE: My child understands…

  • ___ God created the earth
  • ___ Dad and Mom also have to obey authority
  • ___ God talks to us through the Bible
  • ___ God knows everything and is everywhere
  • ___ God is different than us
  • ___ God is in charge
  • ___ Dad and Mom also have to obey authority
  • ___ God talks to us through the Bible
  • ___ Sin is thinking, saying, or doing things that God doesn’t like
  • ___ Jesus died for our sins and came back to life

LOVE: My child…

  • ___ knows God loved us so much he sent Jesus to die for our sins
  • ___ knows prayer is talking to God, and prays with the family
  • ___ is thankful to God for things
  • ___ enjoys attending church
  • ___ wants to obey God out of love
  • ___ memorizes simple verses

SERVICE: My child…

  • ___ sings songs of praise to God
  • ___ respects the possessions of others
  • ___ makes pictures or cards for those who are sick
  • ___ listens to parent reading the Bible
  • ___ is learning to sit quietly in church
  • ___ shows kindness to others
  • ___ prays without prompting
  • ___ thanks others without prompting

Lists aren’t for everyone, but if you like to check things off, this newsletter entry is for you! Just remember, spiritual development takes time. Each child progresses at their own pace. This is a guide, not a list of requirements. Use it as a tool, but don’t feel guilty if you don’t check everything off. You should be proud of what you’ve already accomplished!

Want this in a PDF version?  Click here for the Preschooler Checklist.

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