Teaching Preschoolers to Respect God

Teaching Preschoolers to Respect God

According to the book, How to Raise a Modern-Day Joseph: A Practical Guide for Growing Great Kids, the preschool years are the time to build the foundations of a child’s faith. Preschoolers are not limited in how much they learn but by how they learn it. They are totally dependent on parents or other close adults to teach them about everything, including faith.

Throughout this book, written by Linda Massey Weddle, we will study Joseph’s biography and we will learn that one of the key characteristics Joseph demonstrated was a respect for the awesomeness and authority of God.

Modern Day Joseph


Without this respect for God, a child cannot begin to make wise choices in life (Psalm 111:10). There are some basic truths that you can teach your preschooler in order to help them gain a respect for God.

They are:

1. God is the Creator (Genesis 1:1)

Creation, Stickers through the Bible

2. God knows all (Psalm 147:5)

Preschoolers like to know. They are proud of knowing their ABC’s and how to count to 20. It will be an amazing lesson for them to realize that God knows all.

Does God Know All Things Q11


3. God is everywhere (Psalm 139:7-10)

Preschoolers can understand they are in one place. They know they can’t be at church and at school at the same time, but God is everywhere. He’s the only one who can do that!

Where is God

4. God is different from us (Psalm 90:2)

There are some things we can learn about God through his Word, but we can’t know everything about God. Knowing that God is different from us will help to explain those sticky questions like “Where did God come from?” (p37).

5. God is Holy (Psalm 77:13)

Learning about the Psalms and Proverbs with Kids

6. God is love (John 3:16)

Teaching respect for God is a daily process. There are little moments each day when we can share one the above truths (or more) with our preschooler. Remember, we communicate through our words and our actions. How do we treat prayer, church, and Bible study? As something to be respected and appreciated? Or a drudgery we must perform?

Growing Spiritually as a Family


Take this week and focus on one of the above truths. Look for opportunities to share with your preschooler about how great God is.


This material is taken from Linda Massey’s book How to Raise a Modern Day Joseph, Chapter 2 

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