Pumpkin and Pajama Party! {Picture Slideshow}

Pumpkin and Pajama Party! {Picture Slideshow}

Last night we had our Pumpkin and Pajama Party at the church, and I must say, it was a blast!  We doubled our normal attendance, and had some great fun with people from the community.  My daughter got all dressed up to go, but alas, she was too young for the party!

Check out this Animoto video of all the fun!  As usual, we had a GREAT team of volunteers.  Thanks everyone!

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

We also got a great “God Story” from the party.  I bought all the mini pumpkins we painted at a local farmer’s market.  The owner asked me what I needed all the pumpkins for and I explained they were for a church party.  Then, on a whim (or the prompting of the Holy Spirit), I asked if he wanted to pass out some flyers.  Last night, we had a brand new family attend and when I asked how they heard about the event, they said they got a flyer in their bag at the farmer’s market!  Praise God!

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