Purim Celebration Ideas for Kids

Purim Celebration Ideas for Kids

Recently, we celebrated Purim in our Children’s Church program.  The kids had a blast and listened very attentively to the story of Esther and her nerve-wracking journey to save her people.  Here’s what our schedule looked like:

Making cookies

  • Time required: 10 minutes
  • Hamantashen are traditional, but we made Sugar and Oatmeal out of those bagged mixes)

Celebrating Purim with Hamantaschen


Reading the Story of Esther



Making Crowns

  • Time Requred: 10 minutes
  • get a bunch of Crown templates, construction paper, jewels, glitter, etc.

Esther Coloring Page


You could also play some games like “Pin the Crown on the Queen” or “The King Says” (instead of Simon Says).    There are few websites with coloring and activity pages (and review questions) geared specifically towards the Esther Story. Here’s a few of the best I’ve found:

Don’t forget to encourage the kids to dress up as royalty.  We had a few girls wear some elaborate costumes.  I called them up the front and introduced them to the rest of the crowd as “Madeline, the Egyptian Queen” or “Sydney the Pakistan Princess”.  They loved that!

What are some of your Purim ideas?

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