Purim Party Fun: Esther Activity Stations

Purim Party Fun: Esther Activity Stations

This last week at our Kids for Christ program, we learned about Queen Esther with a Purim party (check out all our station ideas here).   I thought I’d share some of our fun with you all!

Skit Time: The Story of Esther

Esther Masks

Instead of setting up the computer and projector for a quick video like I was originally planning, I roped our fabulous volunteer team into doing a skit (from Practical Pages blog) about the story of Esther using fun masks.

Esther Skit for Purim Pary

Station Time

Kids were free to head to stations at their leisure (we limited each station to 7 kids at a time.. .or at least tried to!).  They had about 45 minutes for stations and then we played a few rounds of hide and seek to close out the night (of course, we called it “Haman hunts down the Jews”).

Mask and Crown Making

Mask Making Station

This station was stocked with construction paper, glue, paintbrushes for the liquid glue, masks, stickers, feathers, crayons, and glitter!

Mask Making Station (Esther) (3)

Mr. Gary really appreciated all that mess!

Mask Making Station (Esther) (4)

Masks, Masks, everywhere!

Mask Making Station (Esther) (5)

Some kids were very meticulous with that glitter!

The Beauty Shop

Beauty Shop (Esther) (2)

The girls flocked to this station stocked with lotions, nail polish, and a team member to do their hair!

Beauty Shop (Esther) (3)

French Braid Please!

Beauty Shop (Esther) (4)

Cute costumes girls!

Hit the Haman Game

Esther Purim Party (Hit the Haman Game)


Basically, the idea here is to hit Haman in the face with a bean bag.  There were different point values for each ring in the game.

Hit the Haman Game

 The boys stood in line for the Hit the Haman game!

Noise Makers


And everyone loved the noise makers!  Shake those eggs!


Noise makers from paper towel holders (they also served as weapons later — yikes!)

Casting Lots

Rolling the dice and casting lots was an important part of the Esther story, so we made a little game of it with this printable star worksheet.

Esther Purim Party (1)

Basically, the idea was to play with a friend and you each roll a dice (or pair of dice) and color in the stars on your own sheet.  The first to fill in all the stars wins!

Making Cookies!


Miss Kristen took the prep work out of the hamantaschen by buying premade sugar cookie cubes.  🙂

Photo Booth!


Very fun!

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