Q is for Quilt (Preschool Alphabet Craft)

Q is for Quilt (Preschool Alphabet Craft)

This is a project we did a little while back, but I stumbled across the pictures and wanted to share them with you!  This a perfect project for preschool (introduction of letters) or kindergarten (reviewing letters).  We did this with paper “squares” because I hadn’t discovered the wonderful world of fabric yet!  I might try it again with my (now older) kids now that I have a basement full of colorful prints!

What You Need:

  • Construction Paper (one piece per child)
  • Glue Stick
  • Pre-cut square of paper (or fabric)

Q is for Quilt (Preschool Homeschool)

What to do:

Have kids color each square as they choose.  If you use fabric, this is already done for you!  Just have kids select 5-6 of their favorite pieces.Q is for Quilt (Preschool Homeschool)

After kids are done coloring, have them glue their “squares” onto the large piece of construction paper.

Q is for Quilt (Preschool Homeschool)

Of course, I imagined a more symmetrical look, but that’s okay!   Voila! A paper quilt!

Paper Quilt (Letter Q)

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