Quick and Easy Christmas Games for Kids!

Quick and Easy Christmas Games for Kids!

Christmas play practice has begun and that usually means a bit of downtime here and there for some of the characters.  It’s always a good idea to have a quick game in your back pocket to keep the kids entertained and relatively trouble-free while they are not busy practicing.  Here are a few good games I’ve found while trolling the world wide web!  Most games were found on Kaboose andGreat Group Games.

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Santa Santa

For this game, you’ll need a little sleigh as a prop.  Have children sit in a large circle and blindfold one child. Another child will be given the sleigh and must say:

Santa Santa, where’­s your sleigh
Someone’­s come and taken it away
Guess who Guess who?

The blindfolded child gets three guesses. The child who has the sleigh is next to be blindfolded.

Christmas Memory Game

Supplies: 18 items in box

How To Play:

Show the items in the box to the children. Remove one or more items out of the box (without children seeing you). Have the children guess what items are missing. For older children put items on large tray or cookie sheet. Cover. Remove cover for 20-30 seconds and then remove tray from room. On your mark, the children are to write down as many items that they can remember from the tray before you yell, “STOP”. Most correct answers wins.

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Christmas Twenty Questions

Teacher starts by choosing a Christmas related person, place, or thing. The teacher says, “I’m thinking of something”. The children try to guess what it is by asking no more than twenty questions that can be answered “YES”, “NO”, or I DON’T KNOW”. The student who guesses correctly is next up.


Active Games



Supplies: Christmas music

How To Play:

Begin playing music. Everyone moves and dances until the music stops then they must “freeze” in whatever position they happen to be in.

Pin The Nose On Frosty or Rudolph


  • Big Picture of Frosty or Rudolph
  • Red circle or orange carrot shape for each child, with adhesive on back and their name on the front
  • A blindfold

How To Play:

Blindfold the player, spin ’em around and let them try to stick the nose where it’s supposed to go. Give a prize for the player that gets the closest.

Snowball Fight 

Goal: To move as many paper balls to the opponent’s side as possible.


  • As much paper as you can find- Leftover newspaper or leftover printer paper that needs to be recycled
  • Masking tape
  • Timer

How to Play:

  1. Place masking tape on the floor to mark two equal sections of the room (similar to a pie shape). Split everyone into two equally numbered teams. No one can cross to the other section. Distribute the pieces of paper and newspaper equally to the two groups..
  2. When you say “go”, everyone needs to crumple the pieces of paper and try throwing the crumpled paper balls to the opponents’ sides.
  3. Time the group for 3 minutes. Then, tell everyone to stop. Count the number of paper balls in each side. The team with the least paper balls gets a point.
  4. Repeat step 3 and play the game again. The team that reaches 2 points first wins the game.

What are your favorite quick and easy games?

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