Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Games!

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Games!

Need a few quick and easy game ideas this week? Concerned the lesson might run short?  Need something for the kids to do while they are not rehearsing for the Christmas play?  Check out some of these “turkeyiffic” ideas for your family party or Children’s Ministry program!

Cluck, Cluck, Gobble from Creative Youth Ideas

This Thanksgiving party game is played similar to the classic children’s game “Duck, Duck, Goose” but with some variations to make it a little more sophisticated for youth and adapt it to the Thanksgiving theme.  Click on the link above for full directions.

Flickr License All rights reserved by Lizette Greco

Thanksgiving Tail Feathers Icebreaker

In this wild and wacky game, youth will try to get rid of their tail-feathers by pinning them on someone else.Click here for the full directions!  Bonus:  Have a child get the feathered clothespin ready for you for some hands-on ministry experience.

Fruit Basket Turnover – Thanksgiving Version 

Also from Creative Youth Ideas, this is the classic fruit basket turnover game modified for a Thanksgiving theme. Click here for the full directions!

Hide and Gobble Thanksgiving Party Game

 There’s nothing quite so much fun as this turkey-themed version of hide and seek. In this case two people will be elected to be “it”. Both kids cover their eyes and stand against the wall while the rest of the children hide paper turkeys around the house or building. The winner is the child who finds the most turkeys.

What About You?

Planning any fun Thanksgiving games or activities this month?  For even more fun, check out my Thanksgiving or Fall Fun Pinterest Boards.

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