Quick Games for Kids

Quick Games for Kids

Got a few extra minutes in Kids Church?  Try one of these games!

Circle Tag

Have kids join hands and spread out in a circle.  (May want to draw circle with chalk or masking tape).  At the signal, everyone runs clockwise and tries to tag the person in front of them.  When a player is tagged, they drop out and stand in the center of the circle.  The last player in the chase is the winner.

Jump the Shot

Plays form a circle sufficiently large so that each can be free to jump.  Swinger stands in the middle of the circle.  He has  rope with a towel knotted at the end of the rope.  The Swinger starts swinging and the players jump over the towel as it passes them.  A player cannot step out of the circle to avoid the towel.  When someone misses, they step out of the circle until someone else misses.  The first player then returns to the circle.

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Have You Seen My Sheep?

One player, who is the shepherd, stands outside the circle.  He taps on someone’s back and says, “Have you seen my sheep?”  The tapped player, who is a housekeeper, ask “What does he look like?” The shepherd then describes another child by saying something like “He has brown shoes, a red shirt, and brown hair”.  As soon as the sheep realizes who the shepherd is describing, he gets up and starts to run around the circle.  If the housekeeper realizes who the shepherd is describing first, he can tag the lost sheep before he has a chance to run.  Otherwise, the housekeeper has to chase the sheep around the circle.   Great tie-in to Luke 15.

Guess the Letter

This is one of my favorites.  All you need is a marker board, a marker and some eager kids.  We play this Wheel of Fortune style.  I think of a phrase (usually tied to the lesson) and write out the corresponding blanks on the board.  We divide the kids up boys vs. girls and take turns with each team picking a letter. Each letter is worth 100 points.  And if they guess a whole word, that’s worth 500 points.    The kids love this one too — they are always begging to play it at the end of the lesson.

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