Simple Idea: Get that Lesson to Stick!

Simple Idea: Get that Lesson to Stick!

This week in Children’s Church, we were studying Saul’s Damascus Road experience from Acts 9.  The curriculum (Promiseland) had a great skit to go along with the lesson, but I wanted to make sure we read the text straight out of Scripture.  We’ve been learning how to use our Bibles in Wednesday night Kids’ Club and we try to always give the kids an opportunity to be able to follow along with the day’s Bible account.  Of course, we wanted to add a little excitement to the lesson, so after I read the text, I had the kids act it out.  Normally, we launch straight into the kids acting out the story AS I read the text, but this little revision had a lot of benefits:

#1 Get into the Bible

It gave kids some practice reading their Bibles and confirmed that the lesson did indeed come from Scripture.

International Children's bible

#2 Easier to Follow the Story Line

It gave the acting kids some direction for the skit portion of the lesson.  Normally, I do a lot of redirecting, and feeding line-by-line sort of thing because the kids are totally unfamiliar with the story. Since they had just heard the story, some of the older kids were able to improvise and the younger kids followed along MUCH easier.

Lost Dory

#3 It gave the audience a purpose.

Of course, every kid wants to be an actor, but that doesn’t always work out.  So, for this lesson, I told the audience they were like the directors.  If something was wrong in the story, they were to say “Cut, cut, cut!”  Then, I threw in a few silly lines that didn’t fit into the story, such as “Saul loved all the Christians and often played checkers with them”.  The audience payed close attention after that, looking for another opportunity to yell “Cut!” and correct the misinformed action.

Who wants to play?

#4 It cemented the story even further.

Since the kids got to hear the Bible account twice, and all took some form of ownership in it, I have a feeling this lesson is really going to stick.  We’ll check next week when we do a review, but the kids seemed really engaged.

Keeping Kids Engaged in the Classroom

What about you?

Have you learned any little teaching tips lately?  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know!

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