Ready to Saturate the World?

Ready to Saturate the World?

Every so often, you pick up a book that totally rocks your world. Last year for me, it was Sacred Year, a book that urges readers to slow down, go deep, and dwell the presence of God.  Lessons learned from that book still echo frequently in my mind.

This year, I think the book will be Saturate.  Though I must confess, I listened to the book rather than read it (a first for me!).  As I heard the opening pages of this book, written by Jeff Vanderstelt, I knew it would be a book that would shape my actions in the coming months.

Are you ready to Saturate?

I’ve felt a longing to connect with people (in particular, my neighbors) in a more significant way in the last year or so — tossing around ideas of backyard barbecues and Easter egg hunts in the park, but to be honest, I felt a little lost.


How do we share Christ with our neighbors (and those in our circle of influence) in a way that matters?  In a way that speaks to their heart and doesn’t turn them away from the truth?   These were the same questions I found in the book, articulated in a way that truly resonated with my heart.


However, before those questions can be answered, Jeff writes, we must truly understand our identity in Christ.  Our relationship with God affects every area of our lives and until we can saturate ourselves with His Holy Spirit, we will never be able to saturate our neighborhoods with the love of Christ.

Are You Ready to Saturate?

Saturate sets the stage for what needs to happen inside us and the Field Guide, it’s resource companion, gives a step by step plan for developing and living in a missional community.

Check it out:

I’ve always known that living for Christ is an “all of life thing”, but I have to admit I don’t always know how to live that out.  This book has been changing the way I think about discipleship and influencing  the world around me.  It even has been rethinking our choice of homeschooling (more on that later!).   I don’t know what’s store for the future, but I hope it involves a lot of Saturation.

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  1. I just ordered my copy of this book today. Looking forward to it.

  2. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

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