Setting up a iGoogle page

Setting up a iGoogle page

One of the tasks in our “Build a Better Blog” Challenge was to monitor what was happening in your niche.  One way to do this is to set up alerts.  Another way that I’ve found especially helpful is through an iGoogle page.  Your iGoogle page is basically your “one stop shop” when getting started on your web browsing for the day.  You can set it up to monitor blogs and websites, put your to-do list on it, set up countdowns, and a lot more.  I use it to keep track of all my favorite blogs out there, and here’s how you can too.

  1. Head to  You may need to click on “Don’t have a page? Set one up”
  2. Choose some interests (optional), a theme, and then click “See My Page”
  3. Google will fill in your page with stuff you may find helpful: time, weather, latest youtube videos, CNN feed, etc.
  4. You can get rid of whatever you don’t like by clicking on the little box with the down arrow in the right hand corner of each box/feature.  Then just delete the gadget.
  5. Make sure you click on “Make iGoogle my Homepage”. You may even want to set up an account so you can always find your iGoogle page (you might already have an account if you have gmail).
  6. Now the fun part — go to the upper right hand corner of your iGoogle page and click on “Add Stuff”. In the left side bar there is the option to add a feed or gadget.  Simply put in the homepage of the blog/website you want to follow and the rest is easy.  Every time they post, it will show up on your iGoogle page.  This way, you can see at a glance what’s going on in your niche.

Hope it helps.  Stay tuned tomorrow for this week’s Blogger Challenge: Leave comments on other blogs.


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