The Thrifty Egyptian: What I Bought From Group Publishing

The Thrifty Egyptian: What I Bought From Group Publishing

For our Egypt VBS (Big Event), there were a few things I picked up from Group Publishing. On the whole, I’ve been growing a bit dissatisfied with the products Group is producing. It seems the crafts they make are expensive, easily forgettable, and not especially kid friendly. The music is sub-par (just like last year), and I’m a little annoyed that many of the songs are shot “at sea” — clearly intended more for their “Easy VBS” (High Seas). However, I filled my cart with a few items:

Starter Kit $89.99

Publicity Kit (comes with large outdoor banner, 52 postcards, and 10 posters) $34.99

Egyptian Headdress (great price) $9.95

Egyptian Belt (to complete the outfit) $9.95

Snake Arm Band (I couldn’t help it!) $8.75

Family Posters Pack $29.99 (could probably make my own, but looks more professional this way)

Group Total: $184.00 (with $5 flat rate shipping — that was a plus!)

I couldn’t find much more for a good price. For example their Nonadhesive Assorted were $3.47 for 50+ pieces and I picked up a pack of 500 WITH adhesive backs at Oriental Trading for $7.99. You do the math. Plus with the Key Code: KP11197724, you get free shipping with an order of $49 or more (expires 6/10). Group is top notch with convenience. They want to be your “one stop shop” and it seems they may take advantage of your limited time with inflated prices.

You can’t beat the publicity pieces, but I’m not impressed with much more. What about you? What did you purchase from Group?

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  1. I don’t have any connection with Group, but the thought occurs to me: have you given them any feedback?
    I am sure they will want to address your concerns about the quality of their products/ curriculum/music/whatever.
    Most publishers are only too glad to get nitty-gritty feedback from their users. It’s the way they develop better stuff.
    You have obviously been loyal to them in the past and you still see some useful items, so I am sure they will listen to you!

  2. Lindsey says:

    Thanks for the comment Lin. I certainly have given them feedback. I really appreciate the fact that they include evaluations in all their VBS materials and am sure to fill them out. I even had a chance to talk with a Group Rep at the VBS U and expressed the same concerns. I know they have changed things in the past to better serve churches, but I’m just not seeing a lot of improvements in the “packaged VBS” materials. I think much of their craft material would work great for a very large church who has the budget for kits etc. Different styles for different churches I guess. Anyway, thanks for the thought. I will be sure to fill out my evaluation this year as well!

  3. Thanks for the tip, Lin. I did talk with Group and give them some feedback. Check out the post about their response.

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