The Thrify Egyptian: General Supplies

Group publishing has some great supplies, but your budget might not support all the little extras. Here are some replacement ideas for those who are trying to save a few dollars.

Instead of the God Sighting Rocks (very cool idea), pick up some Tan Cardstock. Not the exact same effect, but you can build a pyramid out of these just as easily.

Instead of the Silver Coins, pick up some gold coins at Party City or a Dollar Store. Be sure to price compare, but they are usually cheaper this way.

Instead of the coin pouches, Recruit someone in your church to make them. Someone with sewing skills should be able whip those up (just don’t ask me!).

Instead of Family Belts, cut up a few sheets and make your own. I opted for Family Wristbands from Church Nursery (box of 500 for $24.50, assorted colors) this year. Not huge in the savings department, but they can potentially stay on all week and kids can’t take them on and off like they can family belts. We’re using it as a security measure too. There is a tear off on each of the wristbands that matches the number on the bracelet. So whoever picks the kid up needs to have that number. And I must say Customer Service at this place is GREAT!

What money saving ideas have you been using? Leave a comment and share your ideas with others!