Reverse Easter Egg Hunt: Great for Older Kids (even teens!)

Reverse Easter Egg Hunt: Great for Older Kids (even teens!)

Last year, we were looking for some family friendly Easter activities for the kids in the family who aren’t really kids anymore!  I listed a few of the activities we did in this post (the egg-drop was a huge hit), but I didn’t give you any details on our Reverse Easter Egg Hunt that was the highlight of the event.

Well, the wait is over!

The Basics

In this reverse Easter egg hunt, instead of looking FOR eggs, participants START with an egg and then find places on a list.  The idea is to take a picture of the egg with every item on the list.   Get those cameras or phones and out and get ready to run (or drive!)

The Instructions

Here’s what I passed out to the kids:

Egg instructions smaller

 The List

Here’s the things the kids needed to nab a picture of with their egg:

  • Blue car
  • Body of Water
  • Flower
  • For Sale Sign
  • Piece of Mail
  • Rock bigger than the egg
  • Rock smaller than the egg
  • Stop Sign
  • Bird
  • Green Leaf
  • Set of Stairs

Off They Go!

The kids were off and running before we could barely say “Go!”  They opted not to drive anywhere and ran around the neighborhood instead.

Easter Egg Hunt For Teens

I was really hoping the “bird” would be more time consuming, but they ended up taking a picture of the egg with a bird statue!  Ugh.

Reverse Easter Egg Hunt!

Photo Credit: “Lawn Decoration” by Emily Chapman (Flickr)

Happy Hunting!

Reverse Easter Egg Hunts for Older Kids


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