Review Game: How to Use Your Bible

Review Game: How to Use Your Bible

We recently finished the “How to Use My Bible” unit from Discipleland, which I highly recommend.  We played a little review game, jeopardy style at the end of the unit. I’ve posted the questions here in case your looking for a review game of your own!

Books of the Bible

  • 100 Q: How many books are there in the Bible? A: 66
  • 200 Q: Name 5 book of the Bible. A: Answers will vary.
  • 300 Q: Name where this book is found: Numbers (Old Testament), Mark (New), Ephesians (New), Joshua (Old), 2 Chronicles (Old), Acts (New)
  • 400 Q: Say 15 books of the Bible in order.  A: Varies
  • 500 Q: Recite all the books in either the Old or New Testament

Cool Bible Tools

  • 100 Q: Name one cool Bible tool A: Altas, Concordance, Dictionary, Devotional, Translation, etc.
  • 200 Q: Where can you find a list of all the books in the Bible?  A: Table of Contents
  • 300 Q: What is one way to remember some cool Bible tools? (A, B, C, D) (A = Atlas; B= Bible translations; C = Concordance, and D = Dictionary)
  • 400 Q: Use a cool Bible tool and look up the following question: What does the Bible say about sheep or shepherds?
  • 500 Q: Use a cool Bible tool and look up the following: Where can you find verses with the word repent in it?  What does “repent” mean?

Using My Bible

  • 100 Q: True or False?  The Bible is like an instruction manual.  A: True!
  • 200 Q: How often should you read your Bible? A: Everyday!
  • 300 Q: What is a quiet time?  A: A time to prayer and read the Bible by yourself.
  • 400 Q: Look up the verse Luke 11:28 and read it to the class.
  • 500 Q: Look up these verses: Psalm 119:11, Proverbs 3:5-6

Other Stuff

  • 100 Q: Who wrote the Bible? A: God, using men.
  • 200 Q: What does 2 Timothy 3:16 say? A: Either have kids look up verse or quote it.
  • 300 Q: What does Worship Mean? A: To honor someone.  Q: What does praise mean? A: To thank someone.
  • 400 Q: How are we like plants?  A: A tree needs soil to keep it grounded (we need a church); a tree needs water to nourish it (we need the Bible); a tree needs sun for power (we need prayer).
  • 500 Q: The Bible is like a letter from a friend.  Who is the friend?  Why should we open the letter? A: God is the friend, and we should open it because it might say something important, or to keep in touch with God.

Hope it helps!

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