Review Night!

Review Night!

Recently, we had a review night with the kids and since I’m always looking for fun and creative ways to review with kids, I thought you might be too!  Here’s what we did:

Step #1:

Create questions from your recent lessons.  Many lessons have review questions at the end, so this might be a fairly easy job.  Write the questions down on index cards and hang on wall.

Step #2:

Divide kids up into teams.  We tried to keep the ages mixed up so everyone had a fair shot at winning.  Kids were allowed to talk together to come up with a team answer.  Give each team a mini-dry erase board (or one of these amazing things) as well as a dry erase marker.

Step #3:

Get some kind of random point generator.  For this particular night — we used a plinko board.  In the past, we have also used an online point spinner.  There’s a lot of different ways you can do this part of the game — the random points (as opposed to a specific number of points tied to each question) keeps kids on their toes.

Step #4:

Pick any random question and read it out loud.  Set the timer for 1 minute (if you have an A/V guy, play some fun music in the background).  Have teams discuss the question and then write down their answer on the board.  They MUST complete their writing by the end of one minute.

Step #5:

Have all teams show you their answers.  Any team that has a correct answer can send a delegate to the plinko board.  You might want to figure out some kind of order to this since we ended up wasting a lot of time trying to pick a delegate each round.  I finally just wrote down all the team members and put a check next to their name when they had a chance to be the delegate — definately helped to keep things moving!

Step #6:

Each delegate will play a round of Plinko and points are awarded and recorded.

Step #7:

Play continues in the same way until your designated review time is complete (usually between 15 – 30 minutes).  Whoever is in the lead at the end of review time wins!

I’d love to hear how you review with the kids in your ministry!  Leave me a comment and tell me about it!


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