Mommy Bear Media {Review}

Mommy Bear Media {Review}

I hate going into video rental stores.  When you go to a rental store, you’ve got two options:

  1. Browse in the hopelessly outdated Family Friendly Section
  2. Browse in the new releases and constantly be assaulted by offensive, scary, or otherwise unwholesome movie covers

Redbox is a little better, but still not always “family friendly”.   That’s why I was thrilled to hear about Mommy Bear Media.   Though it’s not a rental site, every movie on the site is PG-13 or below.   Here’s what the “About Us” page says:

Welcome to Mommy Bear Media! We are so glad you found us. We are a small family company dedicated to make shopping for your next favorite movie a good experience.

What makes our website different than any other website is that we only carry the “good stuff.” What we mean by that is that we only have movies that are:


  • No R, NC-17, TV-MA ratings
  • Selective PG-13 and TV-14 ratings
  • Not too much sex, violence, etc.
  • If the movie or tv show is on, we only include it if it’s green age 14 or lower (that means movies they say are “on” for ages 14 and under)


  • High quality
  • Top-rated
  • Are worth watching
  • Have a good message
There is a huge selection to choose from including new releases like The Hunger Games ($21) and We Bought a Zoo ($17) to classics like My Fair Lady ($11) and The Lion King ($19).   Though all the movies have a rating of PG-13 and under, I wouldn’t classify all as “Family Friendly”.  For example, I don’t really think the Twilight Series is appropriate for kids, not matter what the rating.  On the whole though, there were MANY MANY more good movies than bad, making Mommy Bear Media a great place to browse!

Taking A Look

As an affiliate, I was able to select a movie to check out.  I was torn between a video for my kids and a video for the “grown ups”.  When I spied the Boy Meets World Series, one my favorite shows growing up, I knew I had to grab it!  
Boy Meets World: The Complete Second Season | BUY Boy Meets World: Complete Season 2 with free shipping. Shop for good clean movies, family-friendly movies, and the best new movies on DVD and Blu-ray.

As I watched the series, I remembered why I loved it so much.  This show does a great job blending kid-like antics with real-life troubles.  Within the first three shows, topics such as death of an acquaintance, class differences, job loss and job fulfilment are all covered.   The producers make the problem real enough to drive home a point, but not overwhelmingly so.  It would be a great show for preteens to watch with their parents or older kids to watch on their own.

Thinking about getting a movie for an upcoming Family Night?  Head to Mommy Bear Media!  With fast, free shipping — you’ve got nothing to lose (except the nightmares from looking at all those movie covers!).

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