Ruth Gleaning in the Fields: Lesson Activity

Ruth Gleaning in the Fields: Lesson Activity

A few weeks ago, we were working through the book of Ruth with the Children’s Church program (currently, we’re using Sticker through the Bible curriculum).   To introduce the concept of gleaning to the kids, I sprinkled the floor with yarn before their arrival.

Ruth Gleans (Children's Ministry Activity)

I asked the kids to pretend they were wheat harvesters and to gather up all the grains/wheat (yarn).  Of course, they were happy to help.

Ruth Gleans

After it was all gathered up, I asked one girl to gather up anything that was left.  It took a little searching (those classmates were thorough), but she did manage to gather up 3 pieces of yarn.

I explained, “This is exactly how Ruth had to find her food.  After the workers had gathered up everything, she went through and took was was left.  However, you can see it wasn’t much.  The Lord provided for her and Naomi, though.  He brought Ruth to the field of Boaz and when Boaz saw her, he instructed the workers to leave extra for Ruth”.

This Time….

I sprinkled the ground once again with the yarn/wheat and told the kids to repeat the activity, but this time, they were to leave extra for “Ruth”.

Ruth Gleans (1)

It took a little longer, but the kids managed to gather some and still leave some for Ruth.  Of course our classroom “Ruth” was delighted to have so much wheat, just as the Ruth from the Bible was. Happy Teaching!

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