Scripture or Squirted!

Scripture or Squirted!

I recently took up a Scripture Memory Challenge for myself and thought I’d extend it to the Team Members of our Wednesday night Kid’s Club group.  They accepted and we laid out the terms of the challenge.

  • Kids can challenge a leader to say the month’s memory verse anytime, anywhere.  If they spot them in the grocery store, the challenge is on.  If they see them at the park, it’s fair game.
  • If the leader does not know their verse when challenged, they get a squirt from the challenger from a water bottle at the next kids club meeting
  • The challenger MUST know the verse themselves before challenging a leader (otherwise, how would they know it’s correct?) .  The leader can check to make sure before submitting to the challenge themselves.

The kids were super excited about this, and I hope it will spur them on to learn the month’s verse especially well. I think I’m also going to have the leaders share the verse at the beginning of the night (at Kids’ Club) to be good role models for the kids.  We’ll see how it goes.  This week is the first night of the challenge!

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  1. You are brave. my kids get on me since it takes me longer than them!! Good idea…makes me nervous. Maybe….

  2. We had our first challenge this week. Three leaders knew the verse, so no squirts, but three kids knew the verse too, so SUCCESS!

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