Sewing Surgical Caps for Kids {Service Project}

Sewing Surgical Caps for Kids {Service Project}

Inspired by the video below, our church recently organized a women’s event to sew surgical caps for kids.

The video is great for inspiring people to jump in and take action, but it definately leaves out a few steps if you are new to sewing.  I love this project because there were so many different jobs for people to do, even if you had no experience sewing at all.  In order to keep things organized and moving at our event, we divided up the room into sections/tasks and clearly labeled them.  Of course, the ladies were free to move about, but the idea was to work in an assembly line fashion.

Step #1: Iron All Fabric

Step #2: Cut circle out of fabric

We had templates to use as well as super sharp fabric scissors and rotary cutters.

Step #3: Serge Edges of Circle (optional)

Step #4: Cut elastic

Step #5: Hem Circles (this job took a long time!)

Step #6: Thread Elastic through hemmed circles (and then close up opening)


Here are a few of the completed caps.  They were a fun project, but definately not 10 minutes each.  Still, it was a great way to sit and visit and brighten the day of a little one undergoing surgery.

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