Show LOVE to your Children’s Ministry Kids

Show LOVE to your Children’s Ministry Kids

How to Help Kids in Children’s Ministry feel the LOVE!

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Taken from Karl Bastian’s Podcast, Episode Three

L  – Learn more about them!  How?

Here’s a little trick to see where kids are coming from:

  • F: Family, ask about mom and dad, brothers, sisters, pets
  • R: Recreation, what do you do for fun? Or what do you do after school?
  • O: Occupation, what are you involved in?  Sports?  Theatre?  What teams?
  • M: Motivation, what do you want to do when you grow up?  What are your dreams?
  • Also, make sure you learn kids names.   The Kids for Christ yearbook will be a great tool to help you remember kids’ names (and serve as a prayer guide!)

O – Observe them!  Don’t be so caught up in your own lesson or agenda that you forget about the kids.

  • Someone might be having a rough day or may have had a recent tragedy in the family.  Notice.
  • Observe their stuff – do they have a favorite toy? A new shirt? These things will give clues to a kid and his or her interests.

V – Value them!

  • Celebrate them!  When a kid walks through the gym doors (or even better, the church doors!), celebrate their arrival.  Give a high-five, a hug, or act like they are a celebrity coming through the door.   Play it up, make them feel really special!
  • Do things outside the classroom experience.  Kids expect grown-ups to be involved in the classroom – that only makes sense.   However, when you call them to thank them for coming, or ask them to bring a special prop for the lesson.   Send a card for birthdays or “just because”.

E – Encourage them!

  • Try to say something encouraging to every kid in your small group.  Try to really think about it — something about their personality or actions, not necessarily what they are wearing.
  • Thank children for participating in the lesson, even if they answer incorrectly.

What are your stories?  How do you connect with the kids in your ministry?  Post a comment and share!

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