Show Love To Your Kids By Keeping Them Safe Online

Show Love To Your Kids By Keeping Them Safe Online

From the moment our kids are born, we do everything in our power to protect them and keep them safe.  We read up on safety ratings of car seats and cribs.  We sign up for recall notifications of the latest and greatest baby gear.  We swap stories with other parents and ask for advice in order to do the best job that we can do.

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As kids get older, the world gets a little more complicated.  Not only do we have to continue to protect them in the physical world, but we have the cyber world to worry about as well.  You may have heard about the recent uprising concerning Curt Schilling’s 17 year old daughter and some cyberbullying she experienced.  It seems online harassment reaches far and wide and chances are, your child will be affected by a negative online social experience at some time in their life.  Certainly, we can all work together to keep keep safe, but it’s not always possible to be looking over our child’s shoulder when they are online.

Is Your Child Safe Online?

That’s where a great program like Familoop can help.  With this service, you have parental control, with the ability to block potentially inappropriate content as well as monitor all of your child’s digital activities.  Familoop will even analyze their activity and turn it into actionable insights for you. Best of all, it works on tablets, phones, and computers.   You can manage apps, games, and even stay informed about who your child is communicating with over the phone, on social networks and over email, all for less than $5 a month!

Key features to check out:

As a parent, you want your kids to be safe.  I know there are times when I hand over the kindle to my kids in order to get the dishes done or finish a stack of paperwork.  Now, I know they will be protected even when I can’t be right with them.

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