Smash Day: Rice Bowls and Making Change!

Smash Day: Rice Bowls and Making Change!

You may recall my mentioning the Rice Bowl organization about a month ago.  I love the concept (read all about it here)and was excited to bring the program to the kids in our Children’s Church.  At the beginning of September, we handed out the rice bowls along with the handy explanation card that came inside with the Rice Bowl kit and asked them to return the bowls at the end of September.

Rice Bowl Newsletter

Of course, I can only speak for my own house, but the Rice Bowl was a huge hit around here.  My daughter, age 4, dog sits for my parents to “earn her dollars” and this month, she got paid a big fat $5 for watching him overnight.  As soon as she got paid, she headed straight to the Rice Bowl, even though only 10 minutes before she was talking about how much she wanted to buy a toy unicorn (she also would like a real unicorn, but I can’t seem to find one.  Not even on Ebay).

Rice Bowl

It was great to see both her and her 3 year old brother thinking more of others and how we can do good with even a little money.  When I gave them both 20 cents at the grocery store (my change from the register), they made a point to give it to the kids in need.

It seems like the other kids in the Children’s Church program were doing the same, because when it came to the SMASH PARTY, there were a lot of coins to be counting!

Check out some of the SMASHING FUN!

Smash Party: Rice

Once the bowls were smashed open (you have to smash them to get them open), the kids began their counting.

Smash Party: Rice

Miss Kristen, our 2nd service teacher, had bowls all ready for coin sorting.

Smash Party: Rice

The kids loved checking out all the coins they had tucked away in their bowls.

Smash Party: Rice

Sort, sort, Sort.

Rice Bowl Smash Party

I’m Ready to Smash More!

Smash Party:

Once everything was smashed and out on the table, the counting began. Smash Party

The funds are in need of some serious adult recounting, but the rough estimate was about $70 per Children’s Church class.  Way to Go kids!

We’ll be sending our check to soon.

When are you going to schedule your SMASH PARTY?

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